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19 London / Plymouth CSM Fine Art.

I have buckled and made an Instagram account, Follow me if ya like fine arty stuffs @wesgilpin 

Anonymous: I find you so absolutely good looking its unreal

Haha shiiiiiit, I never get compliments from anons. Thank you very much.

Anonymous: I'm sorry you aren't happy. Moving to London is a massive change in pace. When I first moved here everyone said it takes a year to get used to - and it did. Even now it's an appreciation I have to work for - but it's the best kind of beauty when I find it. Good luck in your endeavors man, but I think you'll be fine. And people do care, even if they don't even know you.

Ahh thank you, its nice to know that some of you guys do take notice, however its not the moving to London part that’s got me down. I’ve adpated quite quickly and I’ve enjoyed my time here so far. I just miss someone, that’s all. 

Urghh today has just progressively become the worst day I’ve had since moving. I know you guys don’t care, but I’ve no other outlet available at this time.